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The Susice Children´s Choir

…performs in the picturesque town of Sušice, southwest of the Czech Republic. The choir was founded by its current conductor, Mr Josef Baierl, in 1969. Since then he has trained hundreds of children, giving them love of music and the art. At present nearly two hundred children aged 5 to 19 are involved in singing in three preparatory departments and a concert ensemble. The management of the choir is the responsibility of the School of Arts in Sušice and the Parents´ Association.

The repertoire of the choir is very extensive and attracts its audience by the variety of music ranging from medieval choral music to works by contemporary composers and folk songs, including several popular works by the Beatles and Queen. The choir has worked with outstanding Czech composers and writers (Miroslav Raichl, Václav Fischer, Ivo Fischer, Věroslav Neumann and Aleš Březina) who have also dedicated their works to the choir.

Dance teacher Ms Hana Kopová choreography enhances some of the performances, e.g. The Opening of the Wells by Bohuslav Martinů.

Departments of the choir:
Conductors:  Ms Andrea Sušilová and  Mr Jan Pelech
Accompanist: Mr Jan Zdeněk and Mr Daniel Nakládal
The concert choir is able to perform in three ensembles: a mixed children choir, a girls’ choir and a male choir called “Chlapi SDS” (the Guys)

Preparatory choirs
VČELKY - THE LITTLE BEES (aged 9 – 11)
Conductor: Mr Jan Pelech
Accompanist: Mr Jan Zdeněk
Conductor: Mr Jan Pelech
Accompanist: Mr Jan Zdeněk
Conductor: Ms Milena Naglmüllerová
Accompanist: Ms Jaroslava Hanusová

Choral festival “The country where the grass smells sweet...”
The biennial festival has been held in Sušice since 1996, granted by local municipality, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and NIPOS-ARTAMA as the expert guarantor). The event is dedicated to Miroslav Raichl, who created the festival tune. The main objectives are meeting choirs, exchanging experience and workshops for conductors. Children´s choirs from the surroundings and also the top choirs from all over the country and from abroad are invited to participate.

1979 Olomouc (CZ) competition, Golden Palm Prize
1980 Pardubice (CZ) competition, 1st prize
1980 Olomouc (CZ) competition, bronze
1983 Pardubice (CZ) competition, 3rd prize
1995 Šumperk (CZ) festival
1997 Pardubice (CZ) festival
1997 Halle n/Salle (D) festival
2001 Bouxville (F) festival
2003 Pardubice (CZ) festival
2004 Cantonigros (ESP) XXII. International Music Festival
2007 Sligo (IRL) 20th International Choral Festival, 1st prize youth category
2012 Cincinnati (USA) 7th World Choir Games, silver in two categories
2013 Opava Cantat (CZ) competition, gold
2015 Celje (Slovenia) 31st International Youth Choir Festival, silver
2015 Prague (CZ) 25th International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music, silver 
2019 Hradec Králové (CZ) Mezzochori, competition, gold

Germany, Yugoslavia, Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, USA, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia

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